Media is one of the most important aspect in the esports ecosystem. We deliver esports news, trends, games, teams, communities and business.

What We Can Do For You


Helps your brand or organization in promotional activities or product launching to the wide audience through journalistic products.

PR Services

Media and visibility is needed by brands and organizations to spread information, therefore we always be ready to help you manage and distribute press releases.​

Tournament Info

Actual, verified and trusted esports events and match results provided by INDOESPORTS Team.

Advertising Placement

Providing solutions for products and brand promotions through in-web advertisement more than 15.000 daily active readers.

Our Assets

INDOESPORTS is a media company engaged in the esports ecosystem in Indonesia which has been established since 2017. We actively cover news about esports, such as latest game tournaments, feature story of esports figures, and Indonesia esports business development.

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