Your event become your brand identity. We build activities that can deliver the message of a brand by giving the highest results.

What We Can Do For You


Brand Activation

With creative concept we help you to build a strong image towards your brand, in order to activate your brand identity.​

Press Conference

Complemented by sophisticated equipment and experienced team, we are actively conducting a press conference for various activities and events.

Product Launching

Product Launching is one of the services that we provide to support the development of your business in accordance with the targets that you want to achieve.​

Media Gathering

Gladly we will help you to establish broad connections, especially to the media you want to reach.

Community Activities

We also help you to establish positive relationships with the community in a variety of activities that are interactive, creative and interesting.

Production House


We will make your seminars, product launches, in-house training, classes or other events witnessed online that can only be accessed by your community

Live Streaming

With adequate equipment and experienced personnel, our studio actively hosts live streaming for various tournaments and events.​

After Movie

Our team has experienced to handle after movie for various events and needs.


Documentation is also a project that we handle professionally with high integrity

Web Series

For various promotional purposes, we produce web series, including internal promotions and for client’s needs.​


Producing TVC with a variety of concepts for internal promotional activities and for client needs.​


With our profesional team we ensure every detail aspect on the animation production to meet your brand message and goal.



We held tournaments actively, from internal tournaments to client’s tournaments. Whether it’s PC game or mobile game tournament.​

Game Launching


Exhibition is one of the projects that we handle. We hold several exhibitions as requested by client.​


We’ve got answers on anything you need.